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Much like kitchens and bathrooms, stairs are a vital part of any home. Not just because of their functionality (of going up and down your home), but because they are now considered a stylish part of the home. You can make stairs stand out on their own, bringing your home to life. It will also see the value of your property increase by tenfold, as renters, buyers, investors and real estate agents look very kindly on stylish staircases.

But first thing is first: what should your staircase be made of? If you are starting from scratch or thinking about completely redesigning your staircase, then the first thing you have to look at is the materials of your staircase. What is the best for you?

The Classic Timber

Depending on the design and decor of your home, timber staircases can be the answer. Considered the most traditional and classic of stairs, timber is a very reliable and durable material that will make anyone happy. With a vast array of different types of timber, you will have your choice of affordable options (such as wood) to expensive options, like oak or mahogany. Easily blendable with other materials, you can truly create a new stylish staircase in your home.

The Super Metal 

The new up and comer. Metal has become a trendy option for your homeowners. With its stylish and sophisticated look, and it’s ridiculous flexibility, metal staircases can add that sparkle to your home. It can mend to suit any layout in your home and be created in any way. For example: if you want custom spiral stairs in your Melbourne home, then metal can be bent that way. With its slick appeal, you can bring your home to life with this new and popular material.

The Stylish Stone 

If you really want durable stairs that are going to last a lifetime, then the stone is for you. Which type of stone? Well, all of them if you want. When mashed together, stone stairs can be a stunning addition to any home. The range of colours, textures, and hues with the stones means you will get an elegantly designed staircase. Able to be installed both indoors and outdoors, these stairs will bring your home that natural elegance that it needs.

With these three materials available for selection, we are sure that you will be able to enjoy a new set of stairs in your home. However, we can only help you so far. Our recommendation is to speak to the Signature Stairs. When it comes to staircase designs in Melbourne, they are the leading professionals that you can trust. Talk to them today so that you get the new staircase you want for your Melbourne home!