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Food is the basic necessity of life and without food life is impossible.  A good and healthy food not only gives strength but also plays a vital role in overall well being and maintenance of health. We can notice numerous food lovers who strive to have tasty and tempting food. Generally everyone loves to try new dishes and cuisines. If one gets the opportunity to have varieties of dishes from different countries then nothing can be better than this. To get their customers acquainted with multiple tastes there are numerous restaurants that facilitate their customers with unforgettable experience. For best Indian Nepalese restaurants you can contact Aagaman Restaurant, they have no. of dishes to offer which you can get along with quality.

What all these restaurants have to offer?

  • They can offer you with wide range of dishes of every type. They can assist you with Indian and Nepalese dishes. In addition to food they also offer a sophisticated platform for celebrations, gatherings, business etc. where you can get immense pleasure. Here you can enjoy drinks and food over a conversation.
  • Nepalese food:  Here you can find wide range of Nepalese dishes. Rice and lentils are the basics of most of the Nepalese food. Thukpa is very popular dish of Nepalese; it is basically chicken noodle broth that comes from north Himalaya. Dumplings or momos are also one of the favourite dishes of them which are served as main course or entrée. They emphasize on providing mouth watering dishes with pleasant flavours, commendable presentation with a combination of hygiene. You can varieties of dishes like choylas, sekuwas, lamb, momos, chicken bhutuwas etc.
  • The best thing is along with good food you will also experience super ambience with music. In these restaurants you can get fine dining along with tongue tantalizing dishes.
  • Curries with fresh flavor and expertise in tandoor cooking make these restaurants distinctive. Their chefs are extremely qualifies and skilled to add tempting aroma and looks along with taste.
  • They keep their customers highly delighted with their services. They also provide catering for various occasions. It includes Nepalese, party, wedding, vegetarian, outdoor, function, wedding, event, cocktail party, Indian corporate catering. These are few examples of catering they offer, they deals in many more. They provide birthday venues also to serve their customers.
  •  These restaurants are also commendable in vegan dishes. They have numerous dishes that are specially designed for vegetarians.

If you also want to try something new you can get in touch with various restaurants but before that it is better to find out the best. As a recommendation you can also go for Indian takeaway by Aagaman Restaurant. They are one of the renowned restaurants that deal in Indian and Nepalese mouth watering dishes along with quality. Their chefs are skilled to prepare dishes with aroma and taste which results in customers delight.