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One of the many essential things that people forget when they remodel or redesign their bathroom is the waterproofing factor. They don’t realise the importance of this easy and simple process. They tend to think it is not required. But the fact of the matter is, without buying and waterproofing, you are opening up yourself to a world of trouble. So to convince you of the benefits, we have four excellent reasons why you have to waterproof your bathroom.

Reason 1: Protects Your Bathroom

The biggest benefit to your bathroom when you get it waterproofed is that you will protect it for a very long time. We are talking about decades. Waterproofing these products will ensure that your bathroom is guarded against any water pushing through the grout and ruining the walls behind your bathroom. Always protect your bathroom by waterproofing.

Reason 2: No Moulding

One of the biggest killers of constant water exposure is mould. At first, you won’t notice anything, but if you ever strip back your tiles or check beneath your floors, you will see that the mould has gone below and started to grow. By waterproofing your bathroom ensures damp water doesn’t leak through and mould doesn’t grow. Adding a waterproof barrier between the surface and your tiles will prevent the buildup of condensation and the growing of disease filled mould.

Reason 3: Keeps In The Heat

Do you notice how some bathrooms are freezing cold even if you have a hot shower? Well, that is because they are not protected by waterproofing products. Another benefit of getting your bathroom waterproofed is that it will provide a solid insulation flow in the bathroom by keeping the heat in and ensuring you are comfortable in your own bathroom. It will also help in reducing your energy bills that are spent trying to keep you warm.

Reason 4: Increases The Value Of Your Property

If you ever plan to sell your property, you will be stunned to know that real estate agents and buyers look at every little bit. When they check your bathroom and see that it is waterproofed, they will know that they are getting a secure and stunning bathroom. Which, in turn, means they are going to pay more for it. Think of waterproofing your bathroom as an investment where you will get your money back!

Now that we have convinced you why you need to get your bathroom waterproofed, maybe it is time to start looking for the bathroom waterproofing products. We have one company in mind that specialises in providing these products to clients of all sorts, from residents to developers. They are known as Construction Coatings Aus, and you can contact us for a quote to speak to them.